Who are we?

Nene Racing is a group of professional tipsters that have had great success in horse racing betting. After many discussions, we decided to come together and tip to various Facebook groups over the last couple of years, which have had huge success.

After many requests and overwhelming successes, we launched Nene-Racing.co.uk, an affordable professional tipster service.

What can members expect?

First and foremost we never send a tip we have not bet with our own money. Time and time again there are tipsters that simply put tips out expecting customers to bet on them when they do not even bet themselves.

All bets come with an allocated point stake. (EG if your usual bet is £5 and it is a 1 point bet, you bet £5). We recommend all customers have a starting bank and set stake before joining.

If you need help with this, let us know.

Secondly – we do extensive research into all of our selections, and we even have contacts within the industry we talk to on a daily basis – which only aids us further.

If you’re serious and ready for success, join us today and let us help you get a neck in front.

Where can I see proof of your results?

That’s easy, just click on the results tab, or visit here and you’ll be able to check out all of our results to date, including stake, profit and return on investment.

What does it cost to join?

We have a set monthly fee of just £10.99 per month or you can join quarterly for £24.99.

So what are you waiting for? Join Nene Racing today